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Screwed Up Six Ways To Sunday
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1st-Jun-2007 10:59 pm(no subject)
mus: pogues: shane
Abusing my modly privilege to suggest that anyone who hasn't already go and join fandom_counts, an effort to collect a body count of how many of LJ's thirteen million journals are in some way fandom-related.

And, you know, pointing out that just because TBD ended doesn't mean we have to let the Tommy/Kate love die, right?

misc_i am my own twin
Title: Another bag of bricks
Author: technosage
Characters: Joey Ice Cream, Tommy/Jenny, Tommy/Kate, Tommy/Kevin if you want it, ensemble.
Rating: PG13, language, adult themes.
Word Count: 11,508
Spoilers/Warnings: general spoilers through "The One Thing Sure"
Disclaimer: Not mine, of course.
Summary: By the time he killed Huey Farrell and Sal Minetta, St. Paddy's Day was one of the worst days of Tommy Donnelly's year. And like most of the trouble in Tommy Donnelly's life, it had everything to do with his family.
A/n: written for tbd_stpaddys, and late because, well, life was lifier than usual last month.

Tommy knew when he'd gotten in over his head. It was one of the things that separated him from Jimmy. But knowing you're drowning and staying afloat are different skills, and Tommy was still pretty new at swimming with the sharks.
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mus: pogues: shane
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